COVID-19 Update: During the current COVID-19 restrictions it is advisable to monitor blood pressure at home if possible; except in the event of an emergency.  The hours and locations listed below may not be accurate during the stay at home order. Free testing will resume when it is safe to do so.

Free/Automated blood pressure test locations in Central Oregon


  • Rite Aid north store
    1900 NE 3rd St / Wagner Mall
  • Safeway East store
    2650 NE Hwy 20 / Forum Shopping Center (Ask Pharmacy staff for access to test equipment)
  • Bend Fire Department Stations (Free B/P check available M-F 9am-5pm, unless out on a call)
    • West Bend (Station 301), 1212 SW Simpson Ave.
    • Tumalo (Station 302), 19850 4th St.
    • South Bend (Station 303), 61080 Country Club Dr.
    • East Bend (Station 304), 62420 Hamby Rd.
    • North Bend (Station 305), 63377 Jamison St.
    • Pilot Butte (Station 306), 425 NE 15th St.

Black Butte Ranch

  • Black Butte Ranch Rural Fire Department (Free B/P check available 8am-5pm)
    13511 Hawks Beard

Crescent Lake

  • Odell Sportsman Center
    19954 Hwy 58N

Lake Chinook/Culver

  • Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue (Free B/P Check Available Tuesday – Saturday)
    11700 SW Graham Rd.

La Pine

  • Drug Mart Pharmacy
    La Pine Community Health Center
    51600 Huntington Rd.
  • La Pine Fire District Stations (Free B/P Check Available 24/7)
    51550 Huntington Rd (La Pine)
    55785 South Century Drive (Sunriver/ThreeRivers)
    15990 Burgess Rd. (South La Pine)
  • La Pine Senior Center
    16450 Victory Way


  • Safeway
    80 NE Cedar St.
  • Hometown Drugs/Madras Professional Center
    65 NE Oak St. Suite 100
  • Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services (Free B/P check M-F 8am-4:30pm)
    360 SW Culver Hwy
    Call 541-475-7476 for information on B/P checks at community events


  • Rite Aid
    1575 NE 3rd St. / Ochoco Plaza
  • Clinic Pharmacy
    198 NE Combs Flat Road
  • Crook County Health Department (lobby)
    422 NW Beaver Street


  • Rite Aid
    1514 SW Highland Ave.
  • Walmart Superstore
    300 NW Oak Tree Ln.
  • Safeway
    1705 S Hwy 97 (Test equipment located in the pharmacy waiting room)
  • Fred Myer
    944 SW Veterans Way


  • Ray’s Food Place
    635 N Arrowleaf Trail
  • Cloverdale Rural Fire Protection District Station #602 (Free B/P check M-F 9am-5pm)
    67433 Cloverdale Rd.
  • Sisters – Camp Sherman Fire District (Free B/P check available 24/7)
    301 South Elm St.
  • SCSFD @ Sisters Community Church (BP check during Senior Lunch — 11 am-12pm — 2nd Tuesday of every month)
    1300 McKenzie Hwy.
  • SCSFD @ Bi-Mart (BP checks available 12pm-4pm — 3rd Tuesday of every month)
    445 W. Hwy 20


  • Sunriver Fire Department (Free B/P Check Available 24/7)
    57475 Abbot Drive

Warm Springs

  • Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center (Free and same-day appointments, 8am to 5pm)
    1270 Kot Num Rd.


  • Gilchrist Grocery & Deli
    138303 US-97 N


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